Midnight in Paris homecoming theme

Midnight in paris homecoming themeThis year, make your homecoming dance memorable and romantic with the Midnight in Paris homecoming theme. Homecoming guests will be delighted at the transformation you have created with the help of props from Stumps. Decorate your gym with a backdrop of the French skyline and watch as your Paris homecoming theme is a success.

While there are many homecoming themes to choose from, it’s important to make sure your theme is perfect for the big event. When you are in charge of planning a homecoming event, you want people to remember it for years to come as the best homecoming theme your school has ever had. This theme is romantic and unique, and the included lights will sparkle as your guests dance the night away.

The Midnight In Paris theme from Stumps is a great choice for a homecoming theme. The kit includes many things that you will need to create terrific backdrops for a homecoming dance. Your guests will walk through the illuminated Paris gate and feel like they have just stepped off a plane in France.

To start the theme, use the cardboard Eiffel Tower that is included in the kit. It is easy to assemble and comes with lights, which means you do not need to buy extra supplies. Consider placing this Eiffel Tower near your refreshments or as a backdrop for photographs. Some Eiffel Tower props are quite small and not realistic, but all your guests will be able to gaze up at this Eiffel tower! Standing 16 feet tall and nine feet wide, this prop is a great addition to any Midnight In Paris theme.

The Parisian backdrop looks perfect in any event room, from a large gym to a smaller meeting room. Line the edges of the room with the included lamp posts and lighted boxes to transform the room into a romantic Paris neighborhood. If you are looking for additional items to complete your homecoming idea of a Paris theme, you can buy additional items that will complement the Paris homecoming theme. Consider adding additional lighting, themed gift bags for your guests, or faux grass for the ultimate Paris experience at homecoming.Paris homecoming theme