The Circus Homecoming Theme Adds A New Dimension

So it’s homecoming time again, and you want to make this year really pop with a fantastic theme for the homecoming dance.

Which is why at Homecoming Hub, we urge you to consider the circus homecoming theme this year. The reason why it has made our list is the many possibilities and accessories this theme allows.

Just take a look at some of the circus theme accessories on this Pinterest board I found:

I’m a true believer that your homecoming theme should be different each year. The last thing you want to do is settle for the same theme each year as this can easily lead to a poor turn out r.

Allows For Different Style Of Floats

Normally people will think about the same style of floats that are seen in most of the parades all over the world. However, people will quickly find that the circus homecoming theme is going to allow for different ideas on the floats that they can use. Here are some of the examples of the different floats that people will be able to use with this theme that are not commonly seen each and every day.

– Old time train cars is one of the things that people tend to think about when they see the circus coming into town. Most of the time the circus train cars are going to be older and often will look like they are old. With this in mind people can easily take some of the floats that they are making for their parade and make them into the older style train cars that people have fallen in love with. By doing this, people will be bringing the circus to town, but also be bringing their love for the old look back.

– The circus is famous for having the large tents in the middle of the event. This is not true for some of the circuses that are indoors, but most of them will have a tent. The best thing that people can do to help bring about the circus theme for their homecoming is to get the tents on one of the floats. Now this does not have to be something that is intricate or highly detailed, but it should be cloth draped over the float support system in the form of the circus tent. This way people will know more about the theme and what it is supposed to be of.

Decorations For The Homecoming Dance

The homecoming theme is not just for the parade, that is just the start of the weekend. The big part of the homecoming day is going to be the actual dance that happens typically the next night. Since the decorations are going to be needed for the dance, people need to know about the decorations that should be used for the circus homecoming theme. Here are some of the decorations that people should have for the dance to guarantee they are getting to have a good time at the dance, but also continue the theme of the parade over to the dance.

– Banners around the different parts of the dance floor is a great idea to have. Normally people would not think about this, but they can easily have banners up around the venue to get the directions that people need to have. At the circus people often rely on banners to get to the different locations they need to be at. So this is going to help tie in the theme of the dance with the circus.

– A circus is often coined as being larger than life. Now with the decorations that people are putting up, they need to make sure the decorations they are putting up are larger than life. A good example of this would be a life size replica of a cotton candy stick, since this is the food that people often think about when they are going to the circus. Even putting in some of the other items that people can have as decorations that are circus related is a good idea as well.

– The main attraction at a homecoming dance is the dance. Normally people will never think about this, but they need to have the circus theme continued to the dance floor. This means that people will need to have the dance floor set up like the main attraction at the circus would be. This can be done by using ropes around the dance floor or having some other way of setting the dance floor off from the rest of the location.

– Pictures are another thing that people tend to have taken when they are at a homecoming dance. The pictures are often taken with a group of friends and their date. The problem is these pictures are often very mundane and run of the mill style of pictures. With a circus theme, though, people can get a photo booth or other location that is meant for the circus and normally would be seen at the circus. So people will be able to get the right feel for the pictures they are getting taken and know that these pictures are going to match up exactly with the theme of the dance, rather than looking like they are a basic dance that did not have any type of theme.

Getting ready for homecoming can be one of the most exciting things for people to do. However, people will quickly realize they are going to need to get a proper theme for the dance to guarantee they are getting the right feel for the dance. This is when people should know that the circus homecoming theme is able to add a new dimension that is not one that is commonly found in a dance. Without this being seen, people may struggle to get ready for the big dance because they are not exactly sure what direction the dance and parade should be heading in.